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Thank you for visiting my blog.  My mission is to share inspiration and resources for people who love to entertain – or who would love to start.  At the BTH Dinner Party, we want to provide resources to help you create a welcoming place where everyone wants to be.   It is so wonderful to share a meal, talk and laugh around a beautifully set dinner table.  So, join me as I explore everything entertaining, cooking and design and share back my favorite learnings.


                                                                                                            - Debbie

October 13, 2021

Creative Table Centerpiece Ideas

When it comes to table centerpieces, there are no rules. As an Interior Designer, I’m used to looking outside the box for design ideas.  Sure, it’s easy to hit the florist for a nice bouquet, but there are so many more fun ideas if you just search around.  I went exploring to see what I could find in regard to table centerpieces – and I found some very creative ones.