Creative Centerpiece Ideas

Before listing out some of the great ideas I found, I want to provide some further guidance.  I, personally, don’t like to sit at a dinner table with a large centerpiece while eating.  You can’t see the person on the other side of the table, and it usually takes up too much space.  So, I will either set the table with smaller and shorter items that can stay on the table during the meal, or I will put a larger and taller centerpiece in the middle of the set tablescape for interest as my guests arrive, but will remove it once dinner is served.

Okay, now on to the fun stuff I found.

Vases and Jars – There are some stunning vases out there and you probably have some around your house.  When different sizes are grouped together or a couple large ones, they can make a big statement like the jars pictured here from William Sonoma.  Imagine these being the center of a beautiful blue and gold dinnerware set.

Bourbon and Whiskey Bottles – Maybe you are hosting your bourbon group or doing a birthday dinner for a friend who loves bourbon.  You can turn your used bottles into bud vases for flowers like shown here on Etsy.  Depending on the size of your table, you may want to group a few together, maybe place one on some bourbon books to create elevation and interest. 

Bowls and Platters - If you’re like me, you have a tone of large bowls and platters in your cupboards that rarely get used. If you have one that is suitable, place some lemons and limes in it and you have a beautiful centerpiece.  The colors of the lemons and limes are vibrant enough to be the center of attention – just make sure it doesn’t clash in color with your dinnerware!

Italian Dinner - Creating an Italian tablescape is always fun because you can play around with so many things.  For a traditional look, take a couple clear vases in different sizes and place a variety of uncooked pasta in each one.  Maybe tie a red and white checkered ribbon around them for added interest.  You can also use a small bud vase and put fresh herbs in it like basil and cilantro for a fresh and aromatic display.  Or take a large decorative bowl and fill it with Red and Green Peppers – not only will it look good, but you will have produce to use.

Books - Maybe your hosting dinner for your book club.  Take some books of interest and tie them together with string in varying heights. You can place flower vases or other items on top and the books will act as risers.   

Garden – If you’re hosting the Gardening Club for a dinner or luncheon, think about a live centerpiece that you can send home with them.  Take a long planter box (or any kind of long vessel) that is deep enough and place small potted plants or flowers in it for the center of your table.  When your guests leave, they can each take a potted plant!  This could also be done with fresh herbs - your guests would love it. 

Dinner Theme – If you aren’t hosting a dinner for any occasion or for a particular group, think about the dinner you will be serving.  Like the Italian Dinner mentioned, try and create something that represents the dinner menu.  Having pork, maybe put some porcelain pigs on top of some specialty cookbooks – or porcelain chickens on top of cookbooks (you get the idea).  These are just subtle yet thought provoking centerpiece ideas.

I hope this has opened your mind to being creative for your next dinner party.  Take a look around your house the next time you are setting your table – you never know what would make the perfect centerpiece.


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                     - Debbie